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These Beautiful Tattoos Look Like Delicate Watercolor Paintings

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When many people think of tattoos, they usually envision a lot of crisp, clear lines and bold colors. That is, after all, the traditional style. But thanks to new advances in technology and art, that’s no longer the only option.

Aro Tattoo in Korea is proof of that.

There, artist Silo uses soft lines, bright, springtime colors, and a beautiful floral aesthetic to give her clients a completely different type of tattoo.

Using flowers and animals as her inspiration, Silo’s tattoos look more like watercolors than tattoos inked into skin. And if you associate tattoos with toughness or scariness, her subjects of wildflowers, beloved pets, and delicate designs like the ones you might find on teacups will change your mind!

Just as tattoos are changing and becoming a more acceptable art form, the people getting them are changing, too.

Decades ago, a sweet grandmother would be the last person you’d think would have a tattoo — but not long ago, a 79-year-old woman got her first tattoo in the spirit of living life to the fullest.

And thanks to Silo’s gorgeous and unabashedly girly designs, tattoo lovers have even more options. Check some of them out below, and let us know if you’d take the plunge and get a tattoo!

[H/T: BoredPanda | Via Little Things by LAURA CASELEY]


Her tattoos look less like tattoos and more like vibrant watercolor paintings, or patterns found on fabric or fine china. These flowers make for an understated adornment and probably look adorable with a cute pair of shoes!


Silo works in the “watercolor” style of tattooing, which became popular in the past few years. It’s characterized by soft washes of color, just like a watercolor painting. It’s also known for its absence of black outlines that most traditional tattoos have.


Of course, sometimes, a well-placed black line adds a dramatic, geometrical touch to a softer tattoo, like this triangle on a delicate rose.


Sometimes, the tattoos Silo creates are so tiny, you almost can’t believe the details! This tiny lavender is just precious.


As is this little orange flower. No one could accuse it of clashing with any outfit!


But it’s not all just flowers. The silhouettes of these whales have a delicate snowflake pattern that makes them all the more magical.


Other people opt for animals a little closer to them, like this fluffy cat. You’ll notice this one is a bit darker than Silo’s other work, and that’s because it’s actually a cover-up!


This client wanted to celebrate a whole bunch of kitties with a unique take on a group portrait!


Silo’s tattoos are soft and feminine, and a totally new take on the ancient art of tattooing.


Although, flowers and delicate lines don’t have to just be for girls! These matching tattoos show the same design, one version in color, and one in black and gray.


The bright colors and prettiness of Silo’s tattoos make them a refreshing alternative to traditional tattoos, but this style is so popular that they may become traditional in the near future! And we’re OK with that.

You can see more of Silo’s work, which also includes different tattoo styles, on her Instagram account.

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