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Are You Creating Your Destiny Or Just Living Out Your Fate?

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Did you know that there is a difference between fate and destiny? Most people use the terms interchangeably in conversations but they are actually not the same thing. A lot of times you’ll hear people say “He met his fate” or “It must be her destiny” but did you ever stop to wonder what that even means? Or if you’ve said it yourself, did you know for certain you were using the accurate term for the given circumstance? If you’d like to know, here’s the answers:

What Is Fate?

The origin of the word “Fate” comes from the Latin word Fatum meaning “that which has been spoken.” Since the beginning of human civilization, fate has been associated with that which has been predetermined for our lives. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that three goddesses called Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos (or the “Three Fates”) had the role of determining a person’s ultimate life path.

According to fate, there is a natural order in the Universe which cannot be changed, no matter how hard we try. You may have heard some pessimistic terms such as “to seal one’s fate” and “a fate worse than death”. These sayings suggest that fate is something undesirable and negative which is exactly the way most people perceive it as – a negative connotation. Overall, people who experience misfortune often tend to believe that fate is the cause.

What Is Fate Spiritually?

If we ignore our life calling and don’t actively work to reconnect with our souls or True Nature, fate happens. We meet our fate if we do not put any effort into consciously changing and evolving. In other words, when we leave our lives up to fate, we are basically handing over the reigns of control to other people and outside circumstances.

What Is Destiny?

The origin of the word “destiny” comes from the Latin word Destinare, meaning “that which has been firmly established.” The definition also refers to the idea of predetermined events but, unlike fate, there is an element of choice in destiny since it is something we can actively shape and alter.

Destiny has much more positive connotations than fate because qualities such as courage, compassion, willpower, and patience can all help to change your destiny. It is pleasant to know that if you will it and act upon it, the outcome of your life was directed by your choices.

What Is Destiny Spiritually?

There is your ultimate life path, or your life path. The ultimate life path is the best outcome of what you were meant to achieve. That is your destiny. If you choose to step up and take responsibility for your life, then you are actively shaping your destiny instead of leaving it up to fate. In order to fulfill your destiny you must consciously develop a connection to your deepest inner self and mature on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. You have to be evolving throughout the whole of your existence. You have to consciously be directing the stream of your life in a certain direction.

In Conclusion

Fate and destiny can be perceived as two sides of the same coin – they are both predetermined but not in the same way. The difference between fate and Destiny is:

  • Fate is that which you cannot change whereas destiny is that which you’re meant to do.
  • Fate is what happens when you don’t take responsibility for your life whereas destiny is what happens when you commit to growing, learning, and taking chances.
  • Fate is what happens when you let other people and external circumstance dictate your life whereas destiny (to be “destined for greatness”) only comes through active and conscious decisions.

Now Go Fulfill Your Destiny!

No matter what, it is important to remember that there are infinite possibilities in life. If you want to achieve your highest potential, just remember to keep consciously seeking to learn, grow, and spiritually evolve. Here are a few tips on how to fulfil your destiny:

  • Get to know yourself better; really get acquainted with who you are by developing a strong sense of self-understanding. There are so many free resources out there that can help. For example, tests and questionnaires that get you to answer questions to reveal what you think or how you perceive the world around you are a great and fun way to start.
  • Show yourself kindness, love, and compassion. Be mindful of negative and critical thoughts and let them pass without attaching to them.
  • Discover you passions and roll with them. If something sets your soul on fire, or excites and thrills – keep doing it! If you admire and deeply enjoy doing something – don’t stop! Whatever it is, make sure you keep doing whatever fulfills you.
  • Be yourself and enjoy the peace that comes with not having to be someone you’re not.
  • What do you want most in life? Direct all your attention towards making it happen.
  • The people you surround yourself with should be supportive people who inspire you. When making friends seek out kind, inspiring, and empathetic people. If you realize they are a negative influence the remove them from your life or drastically reduce contact if you cannot. Negative people who are critical and judgmental often trigger huge amounts of self-doubt within us. As a result, you will begin to actually listen to these unsupportive people who tell you how to “live your life”. That will consequently lead you to choose the wrong life path.
  • Don’t be afraid to make bold decisions by permitting yourself to move out of your comfort zone. There may come a point where you’ll have to take a leap of faith and that will be uncomfortable. Just make sure you listen to your intuition and also use logic where necessary and everything will be ok.
  • There is no such thing as failure, only learning opportunities; and setbacks are completely normal. If something doesn’t go your way it could just be that life wants you to move in another direction.
  • Set yourself goals to serve as clearly defined milestones. They can help you to get organized and prioritize what is most important to you.
  • Make sure your core beliefs are positive and if they are not, condition yourself to new good ones. Core beliefs are the main ideas we carry about ourselves which we were conditioned to believe since birth. If you are experiencing anger, insecurity, sadness, shame, or anxiety then you have to evaluate your core beliefs to identify what is the problem and fix it because the number one greatest block most people experience when trying to fulfill their destiny are core beliefs. Some examples include, “I am unworthy,” “I am stupid,” “I am a bad person,” and “I don’t deserve happiness.”
  • List out your strengths to help direct your energy in a more sustainable and beneficial way.
  • If you are unsure and need some guidance then ask other people for support. There is nothing wrong with seeking out help from a loved one, counselor or spiritual teacher. Other people may have walked the path before you and can therefore share a lot of wisdom which will benefit you greatly.
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