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The ancient legends of the Macuxi—the Guardians of Inner Earth

Inner Earth Cave

Mythology, history, and legends are always interesting.

Have you ever wondered what it would mean if Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ was not only a great novel but true?

Somewhere deep inside our planet… an entirely new world waiting to be explored, a place where somehow living beings dwell in the depths of Earth, a place that ancient cultures and civilizations knew existed, or which still exist today, at least according to legends.

In this article, I invite you to take a journey with me and meet the Macuxies, an ancient indigenous culture that inhabits the Amazon, Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela.

According to their legends, they are the descendants of the children of the Sun, the creators of Fire and disease and most importantly, the protectors of the “Inner Earth.”

Their legends are fascinating and speak of the existence of entrances into Earth.

From the movie: Journey to the Center of the Earth

It is believed that until 1907, the Macuxies were able to access entered a mysterious cavern, and traveled 13 to 15 days until they reached the interior.

It is there, “on the other side of the world, inside Inner Earth” where Giants live, creatures that are between 3 to 4 meters in height.

It is according to ancient Macuxi legends that they were given a task of protecting the entrance to Inner Earth. Their culture stood guard outside the entrance of the cave, preventing strangers from entering the “Inner Earth.”

Legends say that those who enter the mysterious cavern, during the first three days, move very slowly forward and must overcome descending down “giant stairs” which measure around 80 centimeters each.

After the third day of the journey to Inner Earth, they leave behind their torches and continue their journey “inside” the Earth which is somehow illuminated by the lights that are already present in the caves.

Giant lanterns, the size of a watermelon, shine like the sun.

It is said that those who manage to survive more than three days gain access to a place inside Earth where trees and actual food are able to grow.

The Macuxi say that fruits like cashews, mangoes, bananas and other plants of smaller size are found after the 6th or 7th day of the trip.

Legends say that the farther they gain access to inner Earth, the more vegetation is found. But not all areas are green and prosperous.

The Macuxi people say that some places are extremely dangerous and should be avoided, such as those with boiling stone and “azoge” streams.

The more they venture into inner Earth, the more dangerous it gets.

Legends say that after passing through these giant chambers inside Earth, having managed to survive half of the trip, they have to move carefully because there is a mysterious “air” that can cause people to “fly or float” around.

Continuing their journey, they reach a place where the Giants live. There, Macuxi scouts eat their food, such as apples the size of human heads, grapes the size of a human fist, and delicious fish that are given to the Macuxi as gifts.

Interestingly, this legend is considered by many as just that, another story recounted with a vivid imagination.

But for the Macuxi, their “legend” is as real as anything else, and they were the protectors of the entrance until the British explorers came to the Amazon in search of gold and diamonds, venturing into the caves, never to return again.

Featured image: bio cave by Josheiten

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