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Amazing Cube Test Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your Personality. This Really Works!

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I come across lots of personality tests and generally don’t pay them much attention but every so often one pops up that really grabs my attention and this is one of them. It really makes you stop and reflect on yourself and after I took this test I was very surprised at just how accurate it was. I am going to share the video below and also the text version for those of you that prefer to take their time to read the questions. But I recommend you watch the video as it requires you think fast and your answers will give a more honest portrayal of who you really are.

This test is from Japan and has been proven to work on those who take it.

The Questions:

Imagine you’re walking through a desert and you see a cube …

Answer these questions as quickly as you can.

  • How BIG is the cube?
  • What Material is it made out of?
  • How far is the cube from the ground?

Somewhere near the cube imagine a ladder …

  • Where is it in relation to the cube?
  • What is the ladder made out of?

Now, picture a horse next to the cube and ladder…

  • Is it wearing anything? (reigns, saddle?)
  • And what is the horse doing?

Now imagine flowers somewhere in the scene …

  • How many are there?
  • And how far away are they from the cube?

Lastly, there is a storm starting …

  • How close is it to the cube, horse, ladder and flowers?
  • And are you scared of it?

Now here are what your answers mean :

  • The cube is the size of your ego.
  • The transparency of the cube shows how open you are with people.
  • And the closer you are to the ground the more grounded you are.
  • The distance between the ladder and the ground shows how close you are to friends.
  • If the ladder is leaning against the cube it means your friends can lean on you for support.
  • And the stronger the material, the stronger your bonds to people.
  • The horse being tied up or saddled means you like control in relationships.
  • The wilder the horse the wilder you like your relationships to be.
  • The more flowers you pictured, the more kids you want.
  • And the closer they are to the cube the more you think about kids.
  • The storm represents stress.
  • The closer and more threatening the storm is the more more stressed you currently are.

Was this test accurate for you? Tell us your answers in the comments and be sure to share it with your friends and family.







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