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The World Is Suffering From Mass Hypnosis – George Carlin & David Icke



obey_deesEver since I started EducateInspireChange I have noticed a recurring theme across the globe and that is media manipulation of the masses. We are being systematically hypnotised, ”the greatest hypnotist on planet earth is an oblong box in the corner of the room, it is constantly telling us what to believe is real” – David Icke

If you can control the human mind then you control everything…

We are all prisoners , we just can’t see the bars and think we are free.

I too was a prisoner for much of my life and still am to a large extent… the key is self realization, and self education. We must first recognise that something is wrong with the world, then we must endeavour to do as much research as possible, find out what is true in the world, use different sources, talk to difference people, make informed decisions, question everything you have ever been told.

It is a long process but one that is vital to the future of mankind. The threat of a free mind is the greatest threat to those in power who seek to subdue us.

We each have limitless power within us , we only just need to realise it.

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