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Woman Saves A Scorched And Screaming Koala With The Shirt Off Her Own Back



The koala, already classified as vulnerable by the Red List of Threatened Species is now under more threat by the devastating bush-fires which have already destroyed more than 2.5 million acres of Australia’s east coast.

In the midst of the ongoing devastation a woman’s act of bravery had an immensely positive impact on the nation and the world. Toni, a New South Wales local spotted a koala trying to cross a road between the flames. Without hesitation Toni ran to the koala’s aid, removed her shirt and wrapped the animal in it and then poured water over him to douse smouldering and cool him down.

Toni took the injured koala to the nearby Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, which at that time was taking care of up to 15 koalas affected by the recent fires.

“This male koala who was so disorientated by the flames and unfortunately was burnt further as he headed back into active fire. He has been called Ellenborough Lewis (after her grandchild). He has been treated and is now in the five star accommodation at the Koala Hospital”, reported the doctors from Koala Hospital Port Macquarie.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has started a gofundme to help thirsty koalas devastated by recent fires. Donations which will go towards purchasing automatic drinking stations to help surviving wildlife stay hydrated.

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