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Why I Believe The Education System Is Outdated And How We Can Fix It – Kash Khan



I firmly believe that we need to drastically change how we approach education. I feel so passionately about this subject that I decided to create a video to share my views on why it’s so outdated and also what we can do to fix it.

I wish to make it clear that I greatly admire people who choose the very dignified profession of teaching, and also that there are many schools and colleges that do a fantastic job at educating and inspiring children but my main focus is on the system as a whole and how little it has changed over hundreds of years.

I believe that it’s up to us, this generation to step outside of the box and break free of cultural conditioning to make a stand and to be the change we wish to see in the world. Our children will learn by our example and we must start to really encourage their creativity and allow them to follow their passions as opposed to suppressing their creative juices and forcing them into boxes that the education system dictates to them.

I hope this video helps to spark a light for you and if any of what I say resonates with you please share my video with your family and friends in the knowledge that together we can start turning the wheels of change for the betterment of all future generations.

Why The Education System Is Outdated – Kash Khan

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