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Westminster Fear & Media Bias Shafted Scotland: Russell Brand



Reaction to the referendum in which Scotland votes to stay in the United Kingdom. But were the odds stacked against independence?

Please support this page on Facebook – Scottish Independence Official Page if you want to still support the idea of an independent Scotland! There was 1.6 million voters who want independence, this is something we can take great optimism from.

Russell calls for Scots to disobey and not to comply, he urges Scots to use their positive energy and use it to create a free Scotland!

If you want to get involved with a new ‘YES movement’ join this Facebook group.

Make sure you watch until the end or at least forward to 6.40 to hear the most powerful part of his message.

If you want to follow me, the owner of EducateInspireChange.Org you can below,

I took the last part the above Trews video and condensed it to this short video below for you to share around. The message is just so powerful. Let use the power of social media against mainstream media! Share share share!


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