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Weed Sales Increase In Colorado, More Money For Schools & Crime Rate Drops



The information in this article and video is accurate as of July 2014.  6 months worth of data was collected following the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado. First of all from a financial perspective it has turned out to be more profitable than the state predicted , the state has garnered more than $10 million in taxes from retail sales in just the first 4 months, that money will go to schools, infrastructure as well as youth educational campaigns arround substance abuse. In terms of crime rates, marijuana related arrests which previously made up 50% of all drug related crimes have of course plummeted since the recreational use of marijuana as allowed by law is no longer illegal , this is especially good because it frees up law enforcement to do other things. The other big thing we have to look at when it comes to crime is that according to government data the Denver city and countywide murder rates have dropped 42% since recreational marijuana use was legalized in January. This is compared to the same period last year.

All the statistics so far show undeniably that the legalization of marijuana has had a positive effect on the state as a whole. This should definitely encourage more states across America and indeed country’s around the world to look at legalizing marijuana not only for the sake of preserving basic human rights but also for the good of society and the economy.

Check out this video below which discusses in a little more detail the effects in Colorado since legalization:

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