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Watch Why Robert De Niro Regrets Pulling the Film “Vaxxed”



Robert De Niro is one of the founders of the Tribeca Film Festival as well as the father to his son who suffers from autism.  “Vaxxed” is a documentary intended to expose the truth behind vaccines, however, the film-makers do not consider themselves “anti-vaccine.”

After much backlash, De Niro decided the pull the film but he explains on the Today Show that part of him regrets that. He claims he was in the middle of a lot of stuff, including shooting a movie and that the decision was a “knee jerk reaction.”

De Niro says the film is “something that people should see” and says, “There’s a lot of information about the CDC and pharmaceutical companies. There are a lot of things not being said.”

“I as a parent of someone with autism, am concerned and I want to know the truth. I am not anti-vaccine- I want safe vaccines.”

Though the actor admits to not being sure about the film-maker as an individual, he believes there is truth to the documentary. De Niro stated that he believes that vaccines are dangerous for some people and that they should be further investigated. During the interview, De Niro became frustrated and said, “nobody wants to address it or they say they have but there are many people who will come out and say they saw their child change overnight. If you’re a scientist, let’s see, let’s hear.”

“There’s more to this than meets the eye. My wife says she saw our son change overnight. There’s something there.”

When asked if he regrets pulling the film, he wasn’t sure yet, however he wants people to make their own judgement and urges people to see “Vaxxed.” Again, De Niro claimed that he is not anti-vaccine but that he simply believes the vaccine industry is much more complicated than we think.

“There is a link. They are saying there isn’t but there is. Let’s just find out the truth. I’m not anti-vaccine but I’m pro-safe vaccine.”

As for the future, De Niro says it’s possible that he will play a role in helping unveil the truth about vaccines.

 “You don’t just give a kid a bunch of shots. Everyone should have a choice to take vaccines and vaccines do benefit the big drug companies fundamentally enough.”

Watch the interview below and join the discussion about De Niro’s decision here.




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