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Watch As This Teen Illegally Climb Egypt’s Great Pyramid



Andrej Ciesielski, an eighteen-year-old year old from Germany, traveled to Cairo, Egypt and scaled to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The view is nothing short of breathtaking.

Armed with only a GoPro, the young tourist walked around the complex waiting for the perfect moment to begin his ascent. Unnoticed for several minutes, other tourists, as well as Egyptain police spotted him about half-way through his 146-meter climb, though he didn’t let that stop him. Risking a three-year jail sentence, Andrej continued his climb to the top and took a moment to savor the incredible view.

After a 20-minute climb back to the bottom, Ciesielski was taken into police custody. Authorities agreed to let him go so long as he deleted all photographic evidence of the climb. Little did they know, Ciesielski would have no problem recovering the ‘deleted’ files after returning from his trip.

While he risked a three-year jail sentence with his illegal climb, Ciesielski said that the spectacular GoPro video and Instagram photo he got at the top of the pyramid made it all worth it.

Below is the unbelievable footage captured while climbing the 4,500-year-old Pyramid of Giza:

Here is the full length 8 minute video.

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