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Video Shows Army of Peaceful Protestors Forming Wall to Stop Looters From Entering Target



The organization and implementation of amplified voices during protests have continued to raise awareness in the name of George Floyd’s, and many others, unjustifiable death. As the country shifts to defund the police, reconstruct systems, and unite there has also been a fair amount of violence and looting.


After Rodney King’s brutal beating in 1991, American citizens are doing things differently. People urge one another to respond from a place of love remembering that burning a city down does not solve the problem. In this case, a band of peaceful protesters stood before a Target store to prevent looters from entering, stealing and destroying.


In the video below, protestors can be heard saying, “No” and “F*** NO,” as they gather to stop crowd from looting Target storefront.





Almost instinctively, the peaceful protestors assemble in a wall of armor to not only protect the store but to remind everyone why they gathered in the first place.



It is evident things are changing and the way the collective responds is catalyzing a new reality for all of humanity. In a movement for equality, justice and peace, it is crucial we remember non-violent roots as the most effective tool. The video above reminds people across the globe that our voices are strong enough to travel through eternity without the need for physicality or harm. Enough has been enough.



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