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Video: Nicole Arbour DESTROYS Sexist Comedy Festival Owner



Nicole Arbour first came to my attention earlier this year when she created a video exposing influencer and motivational speaker Jay Shetty, and well today she has knocked it out of the park again with a video of her literally destroying a sexist man whose name I don’t even know but apparently he owns some kind of comedy festival and she had the misfortune to have sit next to him and listen to his crap for the duration of a podcast show. In a way I am thankful because if she didn’t sit through his crap we wouldn’t be able to share this video and help expose the ‘to be named’ sexist man.

I could sit here for hours writing about how much of an amazing a job Nicole did but I think it’s better if you just watch the video and then share the shit out of it 🙂

Good Job Nicole!

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