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UK’s MoD Throws Away £6 Billion Of Tax-Payers Money



A recent annual report released by the Ministry of Defence showed that they wasted £5.7 billion ($8.9 billion) on both faulty and unnecessary equipment.

Here is a small list of some if the items your money has been wasted on :

  • £860 million on obsolete equipment
  • £6 million on ineffective earplugs
  • £374,000 paid out in damages related to “Noise Induced Sensorineural Hearing Loss.”
  • £1.5 million on faulty software
  • RAF HS125 aircraft worth £488,000 was removed from service after being damaged in hailstorm
  • £7.2 million on an unsuitable mine detector system
  • £10 million written off for ”Missing airforce equipment”
  • £1.5 billion on an outdated online recruitment system

Keep in mind that no heads will roll for this gross ineptitude. We need some sort of punishment for this sort of misadministration, and it because there is no punishment that this misspending will continue.

After watching the RT report below scroll down to see a couple of videos with Russell Brand explaining why he is disenchanted with government and also how we the people need to collectivise and organise to make real change.

The media and the government will continue to bark on about immigration problems, and how we need to make cuts in areas of public spending. This is ALL  a distraction. Remember your government only represent the interests of the huge corporations that own it, they do not represent us the people.

Here is a short excerpt from Russell Brand on Question Time when he tells us that he ”Doesn’t see the interests of ordinary people being represented”

Russell Brand – We need to Collectivise and Organise

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