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This Tweet Sums Up Perfectly The Problem With How The Media Talks About Terrorism




Recently there have been two violent attacks but only one of them has been covered by mainstream media and labelled as a ‘extremist terrorist attack’



According to one senior digital editor of ‘Ebony’ the reason is because we are very quick to label attacks carried by ‘non-whites’ as ‘acts of terror’ but when it’s a white person it immediately becomes an isolated act of violence.





It appears that the ethnic origin of the attackers doesn’t just affect how the media reports on the incident but also can decide whether the media decides to report on it at all… I mean, how many of you heard about the attack on the NAACP offices in Colorado? My point exactly. And if any of you did hear about it , it’s most likely because reporters and activists took to twitter to ask why it wasn’t being covered by the mainstream media.



The chilling violence that took place in France needs and should be all over the news. But that shouldn’t take away from reporting on the terrorism that takes place in America by white people. Let’s call a spade a spade, and finally recognize that white people can be terrorists, too.

Article Source: World.Mic

Author : Elizabeth Plank

Elizabeth is a Senior Editor at Mic. She has a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics and has experience in the field of behavioural science and women’s advocacy.




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