Observing the presidential elections over the years has been a lot like watching a television series jump the shark. We’ve gotten to that point where you watch it for the same reason you can’t help slowing down and staring as you pass a wreck on the highway. It’s the Jerry Springerfication of politics. A morbid fascination with the decline of western civilization.

Discontent is the mother of revolution.
Disillusionment the motor of real change.
As America stumbles around in that ditch trying to figure out what went wrong, more and more people are going to realize that it’s time to stop pissing their life away at the RNC and DNC liquor stores.

The solution is not going to come from the same system that created the problem.
It’s not just a few bad apples.
It’s not just democracy that’s broken.
We’re running on a faulty paradigm.

We have a debt based monetary system which requires infinite growth to stay afloat,
on a finite planet, addicted to oil and war.

Time to start working outside the box.

Reforms aren’t going to cut it. Divisive political wedge movements aren’t going to help.
A full socio-economic reset is in order, and in the works.

It is going to be a bumpy ride though, so I hope you have a sense of humor.
We’re probably going to need it.

Source: StormCloudsGathering





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