The footage is believed to have been filmed in 1897, and the video will take you back in time before any restorations were carried out on the monument. 

The Great Sphinx of Giza is without a doubt one of the most fascinating and mysterious standing monuments on Earth.

Positioned as a true guardian of the majestic pyramids at Giza, the Great Sphinx is considered as the largest single-stone state on the surface of the planet. It’s the largest one. Its the most enigmatic one. And its the most incredible one for a number of reasons.

In the distant past, the ancient Egyptians called it Abu el-Hol ‘Father of Terror’, a mistranslation of the Copt bel-hit expression, which applies to those who manifest their intelligence in their eyes and translates the Egyptian name hu or ju, which means ‘the guardian’ or ‘vigilant’.

This incredible ancient monument was made by carving a mound of limestone located on the plateau of Giza.

It has a height of about twenty meters, where its incomplete face measures more than five meters.

No one knows what or who the head of the Sphinx represents. However, experts in Egyptology believe the head could represent Khafre. The monument has the body of a lion.

In ancient times it was painted in bright colors: red body and face, and the nemes that covered the head was decorated with yellow and blue stripes.

This ancient monument is perhaps the most mysterious of all monuments that can be traced back to the PYramid building civilization of Egypt.

Until today, not a single scholar can accurately say who built the Great Sphinx of Giza.

A heated debate continues to this day about who carved the Great Sphinx, when was it carved, and what its true purpose is.

Interestingly, the Sphinx of Giza was mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s book of Natural History, where it states that the ancient Egyptians looked upon the statue of the Sphinx as a “divinity” that was passed over in silence and “that King Harmais was buried in it”.

Featured image: An image of the Sphinx taken in 1887.




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