Tommy Sheridan isn’t one to hold back and he makes no exception in these recent interviews, he says the people of Scotland especially the elderly were intimidated, lied to and bullied by big business which included the BBC.

I am including two recent interviews, the first is a shorter interview on BBC news and the second is slightly longer and with Andrew Neil on Sunday politics.

In both interviews I feel Tommy does a stellar job in representing the YES voters of Scotland, he articulates himself well and talkS with passion. The problem for me especially with the second interviews wasn’t the fact that Tommy Sheridan was asked questions, but the way the questions were asked… The BBC are very good at undermining the Scottish case for independence and can often put the people they are interviewing on the back foot but Tommy is not one to be bullied and that’s why I am posting both these interviews as it’s important for people to watch how best to handle media bias while standing firm on your views.

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Also Check this video out, It’s a must watch >>> How Scottish Independence Was Stolen

Tommy Sheridan Sticks it to BBC over Bias Coverage

Tommy Sheridan and Andrew Neil on Sunday Politics – Neil reduced to sneers

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