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This Man Builds Canoes for Fishermen in His Community Using Plastic Bottles



It seems there is nowhere left in the world without plastic waste anymore. Many people are taking action to try and reduce the waste, like a Cameroonian who, while watching plastic bottles floating on floodwaters during a storm in 2011, saw the opportunity to use the bottles to create boats.

Ismaël Essome Ebone started collecting plastic bottles around the area and began developing his ‘’Ecoboat’’. He tested his prototype  when another storm blew in and it worked very well, much to the surprise of the fishermen watching from the shore.

Encouraged by the result of the test, Ebone invested his money into launching Madiba & Nature, a non-profit charity committed to collecting plastic waste from around the region and re-purposing it into boats for the local fishing community and ecotourism.

Due to the great success of the venture, the organization recently installed the first EcoBin in the nation for the purpose of collecting, sorting and recycling waste materials. Since then, the number of bins have increased to 100.

“The EcoBin makes it easier to collect plastic bottles in a smart way and avoid polluting rivers and the ocean in Kribi and Douala!” says the nonprofit’s Facebook page“From plastic waste to EcoBoat and EcoBin, the revolution is on the way.”

An excerpt from their blog reads: Plastic waste are collected through beach cleanup activities, now our strategy is to expand using of Ecobins by installing the first innovative system of waste management on the beaches and in an area of Douala.
To date the one hundred Ecobins in used in Douala, allow to collect up to 3 tons of plastic waste per Month.
This strategy allow reducing the pollution in three major areas of Kribi and Douala for around one million household in Douala, while creating 7 direct jobs and thirty indirect among the community.


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