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This Boy Wanted To Be An Artist Since The Age Of 2, Here Is What He’s Drawn By Age 16



Born To Be An Artist And Knowing It At Age Two!

Sixteen year old Dusan Krtolica lives in Serbia and has been drawing since the age of two. At age four his parents agreed to enroll him in art school.  Looking at his artistic achievements, this was obviously the right thing to do.

Dusan’s passion for drawing is clear to see.  He finds his inspiration from nature and animals in particular, fascinate him with their diversity and ability to adapt to different environments.

Now sixteen, Dusan has had six solo exhibitions and many television interviews discussing his work. At thirteen he wrote and illustrated a prehistoric encyclopaedia, published in Serbia and now translated into English, Dusan is looking for a publisher for the English version.

With his work selling globally, the sky is definitely the limit for this talented young man.

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