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There Is Another Way To Thread A Needle: We’ve Been Doing It Wrong All Along, VIDEO INCLUDED




I’m sure everyone is familiar with the traditional way to thread a needle. It’s the method that’s been handed down through the ages – you squint one eye, take the fraying end of a piece of string, and, with some help from saliva and scissors, jab it through the needle’s eye.

Usually this strategy leads to frustration when your aim wasn’t good enough or the thread nicks the edge and splits, and your string misses the target. It usually takes a few attempts to get it through that hole. If you ever do manage to push that thread through the needle on your first attempt, it feels like an unbelievable victory. This tried-and-true method has an outsized reputation for being inefficient to say the least.


Now you may be thinking, what about that little metal bit with the profile of a face on it? That tool that comes with any sewing kit, supplied to eliminate this needle threading hassle. The threader works, yes it does. Although, if you have ever used (do use) one, you know that they break very easily, which is also equally frustrating. Mostly because you know that when it breaks, you have to resort back to Plan A…the traditional method.


Well, it turns out there’s been another way all along. Twitter user John Bick shared the ingenious method in a recent video (originally found on Facebook page 5-minute crafts). Here’s the miraculous needle threading technique to save you hours of the rest of your life! Just forget about all the time you have already lost:

Now, check out the replies to his John Bick’s tweet here.  They are hilarious!!!

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