Yellow Vests Movement win as Paris announced a suspension of the Fuel Tax Hikes after three weeks of protests. 

Protests beginning on 17 November against Macron’s government’s increase in fuel tax, having risen 23 per cent in just 12 months, the Yellow Vest movement has literally spread throughout Europe as ordinary people have taken a stand against their elitist governments, with France having completely lost control over its people.

Macron has threatened to not back down on the ‘anti-pollution’ fuel taxes which put the burden of his climate change budget on households across France, whilst cutting tax for the wealthy.

He had also been considering calling for a state of emergency and potentially a ‘strong response’ to the protests, which have seen some incidents of violence but also resulting in a hit to France’s economy.

The Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe announced today a suspension of fuel tax increases planned for January 1 in a move to end the yellow vest protests.

This is the first significant change in policy since Macron won the Presidential election in 2017, however, the protests sparked by the fuel tax have had the secondary focus of demanding the resignation of the beleaguered president, whose approval rating has sunk to record lows.



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