In march 1983, Ronald Reagan pledged to make nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete, he planned to end the cold war and the policy of mutually assured destruction that defined U.S – Soviet relations. Thus he launched the strategic defense initiative, a network of powerful satellite lasers that could shoot down any ballistic missiles fired at the U.S.A. Critics called the space based lasers the ‘Star Wars Program’. Despite early technological successes and the backing of the President within a few years it was scrapped. But why was the most technologically advanced non-aggressive defense system in the world fail?

If this defense system was implemented , Russia would have had simply stopped making nuclear missiles because they would stop being a threat to the U.S. Then there would no longer be any need for the U.S to have any missiles. The table would be set for total nuclear disarmament. But there are dark powers lurking behind the scenes that did not want this . . . check out the video to find out more:

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