Almost everyone I know will resonate with this video. Most people work to simply pay the bills and support their ‘lifestyle’ or family. If you are one of the lucky ones then you might enjoy what you do and feel that you are fulfilled by your job and contribute to society, if you are one of the really really lucky ones then you are fortunate enough to be passionate about you do and love your work.

The reality is however that the vast majority of people who have jobs are unhappy. That’s why the message in the video will hit home to a lot of you.

“We got sidetracked and diverted into these boxes, these cubicles in offices,” he says. “So instead of investing your time in a passion, you’ve sold your life to work for an uncaring machine that doesn’t understand you. That’s the problem with our society. And what’s the reward? Go home and get a big TV.” ~ Joe Rogan

So what can we do to escape this rat-race that we find ourselves in? Well society has become a money-making machine so I believe that fundamentally we need to change the system we live in. Governments and corporations currently call all the shots and make all the rules. But as soon as we the people realise that we actually have the power then the tide will change. We only need to organise and get active to start making a real difference.

Find people like you and exchange ideas. Get entrepreneurial with your outlook on life, don’t accept second best and most of all find out what it is you are passionate about and purse that.

I have created a forum on Facebook  where people like you can start a conversation and meet like minded people. You can join here :

Change is coming, it’s a matter of time.

Kasim Khan, Team EiC





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