An endangered dolphin was killed after beach-goers reportedly pulled it from the water in order to take photos with it. The dolphin was apparently passed around by a crowd of people who took selfies with it. A man named Hernan Coria posted photos of the incident on his Facebook page.

After the images from Santa Teresita emerged, the Argentine Wildlife Foundation issued a warning to the public about the dolphins’ vulnerability in the hope that it will prevent similar incidents.

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“The Franciscan, like other species, cannot remain for much time out of the water. It has thick fatty skin which provides warmth, so the hot weather will cause rapid dehydration and death,” a spokesperson wrote on the charity’s website.

Here is a video of the event. Some people may find this upsetting:

No animal’s life is worth a photograph, please respect nature and leave it where it belongs.

Please share this article in the hope people around the world unite to ensure this sort of stupidity is not repeated.

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