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Russell Brand Ends The Trews! This Is Why …




”I’m disappearing for a while. Thank you to everyone who’s watched and spread the Trews. I know that real change is coming. Russell X”

As all of you know us at Educate Inspire Change have been closely following The Trews over the past year or so and we are sad to find that Russell has decided to end the Trews. In this, the final episode he goes into length and explains his reasons for ending the Trews.

I genuinely feel he made a real difference by being a voice of truth in a world where the media is full of lies. Indeed he has been the victim of attacks from the establishment, the media both in the U.K and the U.S. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to watch Russell do his thing. As he brings the Trews to an end it gives me a sense of needing to continue the fight to spread truth. I created Educate Inspire Change three years ago to be an alternative to mainstream media and as a tool to inspire people to create real change in both themselves and the world around them. And Russell has given us all hope that the public wants change. It’s up to organisations like us to help bring it to you.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I say Thank you and Goodbye to Russell … for now at least 😉

Kasim Khan, Team EiC

If you want to watch all of the Russell Brand videos you can check them all out on our website here

Trew be continued ….

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