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Russell Brand Urges Scots To Disobey And Get Active For Real Results





As most of you will  know Scotland recently had the chance to vote for it’s independence from the U.K  and lost with 55% against 45% voting to stay part of the U.K . Record numbers of voters came out in what was a great showing for democracy yet the 1.6million who voted for Independence were left sorely disappointed with the final result following an uphill struggle with some very bias media reporting, strong fear-mongering campaigning from the opposition and some very dodgy vote counting incidents.


Russell feels that even when the people want change the democratic system is designed to favour those who control the media which keeps us in a constant state of fear which was reflected in the final vote in the Scottish referendum.

”The result in Scotland showed the power of the media and the limitations of democracy, as long as people live in a state of fear it’s very difficult for them to have faith in a brighter future”~ Russell Brand


He suggest that there are much more effective ways to get change…

”Look at the results of activism and disobedience, that’s where results will come from.”

So what is the next step for Scotland? Well that remains to be seen.

Being a Scotsman myself I am trying to use my online skills to do what I can to create a honest, fair and prosperous system for us all to live in and be part of.

I have set up a Facebook page  – Scottish Independence Official Page

and a Facebook group –  ‘YES movement

Please support both if you wish to get involved and help. We live in an amazing time where we can harness the power of the web and social media to keep millions informed and motivated so all of your support will be appreciated.

Now check out Russell’s short but powerful message to not only the Scots but all those involved in the democratic process:


If you wish to follow me the owner of EiC then you can below:



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