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Russell Brand Say’s ‘It’s Time To Stop Tolerating Their Crap!’



Russell Brand isn’t your average every day speaker. He’s a comedian, yet, he seems to be able to connect with society on a very deep and almost spiritual level. He is so well spoken and articulate that he is able speak to in such a way that really resonates deep inside. His messages of non-compliance and spiritual revolution are often profound and in this article I will share a few of my favourite clips of his.

In this clip Russell Brand is asked what his views on bedroom tax are by a single parent with 2 children. His response is absolutely priceless.

Russell disappeared of the scene for a while and I definitely missed his spiritual rants.

Russell Brand blowing your tiny mind in just 38 seconds!

Russell Brand’s Definition of God and Consciousness Is Worth Listening To.

And lastly here is one of my favourite compilations of his. This is a must listen!:

Awakened Man

I know Russell Brand is back in the world of Facebook and YouTube but he simply doesn’t seem to have the same zest and energy for change that he used to have. Many feel that his constant criticism of the Royal Family and exposure of high ranking members of Government involved scandalous activities led to pressure being put on him to stop. And I can’t help but feel that there may be some truth to that. But nonethless thanks to the beauty of the internet we still have all of his wonderful messages to look back on and gain inspiration from.

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