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Russell Brand Slams Fox News and Capitalism for Causing Mental Illness. And Gives The Cure…



Russell Brand nails it when he says that the super powerful and big organisations like Fox News feed off of our negativity and illness. They want us to constantly be in a state of fear so that we buy into whatever it is they are selling. Fox News want us to fear all Muslims, they want us to conform, to obey, to worry about war, poverty and to feed racism.

I must admit that the only possible flaw in Russell’s argument is that capitalism may not be to blame but I think if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture you will find that corporatism is where the real problem lie. It’s at the elite level of business and money where the super rich influence almost everyone on the planet.

Russell Brand seems to be acutely aware that big government and big corporations are the source of many of the problems faced by society today. And whats more impressive is that he also has an understanding of how to cure the ills we suffer such as mental illness.

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