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Unless you have been hiding under a rock on Mars recently you may have noticed the online war between Fox News and Russell Brand spreading like wildfire across social media. It’s the David and Goliath of media battles. Fox News is the dominant cable news network in America owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch  and is part of  a media network thought to be worth multiple billions of dollars. Russell Brand is a  British comedian, TV presenter  and movie star but more recently has turned his attention to world affairs and  has become a political activist  promoting peace , equality and campaigning against the big bankers , corporations and governments who operate a corrupt system designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer while keeping the masses subdued and brainwashed through the media.

Earlier in the year Russell Brand launched his own YouTube Trews ( Truth & News) Channel which has been getting much attention from all corners of the globe. His voice of truth has been really getting under the skin of people at Fox News and the war of words between them has been riveting to watch. The irony in all of this is that Fox News has devoted so much air time to attacking Russell Brand on a very personal level and in turn all of their viewers are listening to Russell’s views and many are being woken up to the truth and realizing just how biased and corrupt the Fox News Channel is.

Russell talks about everything from illegal wars, corrupt banking systems, corrupt media organisations, and calls for the need for change both on a spiritual level and a political level.  Many of the millions of Fox News viewers would never be given the opportunity to listen to voices of truth but now they are all very aware of Russell Brand and his views and I am sure many of them have been turned to the good side. Alternative media is fast becoming a source of news for millions around the world and as unrest is growing in many countries people are waking up to the truth of the broken systems which currently rule us.

For me it all started with this interview between Jeremy Paxman and Russell Brand in October of 2013

This video sparked a massive online frenzy with much talk of revolution and there was a heated debate for months over Russell’s views. People were sitting up and taking notice.

It even motivated me to create a video in his honour and I put together a compilation of all of his best interviews and made a video called ”Russell Brand’s Time for a Spiritual Revolution”. Check it out below:

Even today many people seem to be torn about Russell Brand, I very often see trolls on social media pages calling him out as a shill, or ”one of them”, an illuminati puppet . . . but I fear these people are being ruled by their ego and passing judgement on someone they have never met or really listened to. Any subjective person with some level of self-education who actually listens to what Russell has to say cannot argue against Russell’s ultimate message which is essentially to treat everyone equally, to create a fair and equal system, to stop illegal wars, to bring an end to corrupt bankers and politicians, to put systems in place that help our environment, to be kind to animals, and one of his most important messages which many people tend to shrug off is his active promotion of meditation and finding spiritual peace, the importance of this cannot be overlooked. Read this article we posted some time ago”Why meditation should be included in the education of our youth”

So It came to no one’s surprise then when Fox News started to take notice of Russell Brand realizing his every growing popularity they aired this rather shameless personal attack on him:

Since then the battle between Russell and Fox News has been getting more heated, more frequent and more personal. I will post below a series of videos from both sides which will show you everything you need to see to make up your mind about who is in the right and who has the best intentions, be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the most recent videos as I have posted them in order of date of released.

Russell Brand says ”Fox News Is More Dangerous Than Isis

‘Fox News Five’ Think It’s A Good Idea To Behead Russell Brand

Russell Brand Examines Fox News Coverage Of The Gaza Conflict

Russell Brand On Hannity Of Fox News ‘Is This Even A Debate?’ Israel – Palestine

Russell Brand Ask’s, ‘Is Bill O’Reilly Of Fox News’ Solution To Poverty Really The Answer?’

Russell Brand Vs Sean Hannity On The Israel – Palestine Conflict – Round 3

Bill O’Reilly’s Wacky Solution To Immigration Torn Apart By Russell Brand

Russell Brand Dissects Fox News Fear-Mongering Of The Iraq Crisis

Can Fox News Justify Killing Animals? Yes They Can! – Russell Brand

Fox News Greg Gutfeld Labels Russell Brand “Commie Scum”

Russell Brand Fires Back at Fox New’s Greg Gutfeld: He ‘Vibrates in Hatred’

Fox News Five Attack Russell Brand Again- His Response Is Priceless

So there you have it, if you took the time to watch the videos and simply listen to the words without passing judgement you cannot help but admire Russell Brand and his ability to express himself in such an eloquent manner on subjects that require a great deal of delicacy. On many occasions Fox News have tried to get down and dirty and stoop to some very low levels attacking Russell on a personal level but I feel his responses have done nothing but reinforce his image as a growing political activist.

And the platform that Fox News has with it’s many millions of viewers I can only hope Russell’s messages of truth have gotten through to many… and that is why I feel Russell has indeed been the best thing to have ever happened to Fox News.

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