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Rubble Bucket Challenge Launched In Solidarity With Palestine





This campaign has been launched to raise awareness for Palestinians who are suffering immensely right now in Gaza. The use of rubble is particularly poignant as it highlights a sickening reality. First, that the people of Gaza have not got the necessity of water; As pointed out in the second video, being under Israeli occupation has caused water to be scarce, what we take for granted and can afford to pour over our heads, is something they just do not have. It also points to the fact that their homes are being blown up, destroyed from beneath their feet. Lastly, that since July the 8th 2,133 people have been killed and 10,890 wounded and that is just those who have been reported.

So, I CHALLENGE YOU to do the rubble bucket challenge to raise awareness for those who we can still help.

Please share this, comment, like and most of all accept this challenge. For although we cannot save those who have already unjustly lost their lives, we can and we will save those who are still living.



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