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Respected Journalist Admits To Being Paid Propogandist For The U.S



”I have been a journalist for about 25 years and I was educated to lie, to betray and not to tell the truth to the public”

Respected journalist, author and former newspaper editor has gone public about corruption in the media. He is very fearful of war in Europe and feels that if something doesn’t change in both the media and politics then war in Europe is inevitable.

”We live in a banana republic, and not a democratic country where we have press freedom , where we have human rights…”

He is releasing a book which he says is not make him money to but to give the people of the world a glimpse of what happens behind closed doors in the mainstream media. Have a watch at this video below and please share it widely. It’s time for alternative media to stand up and fight against mainstream media but this will only work if you the people help to spread the truth with us!

Kasim Khan – Team EiC

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