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Researchers find the remains of a ‘Dinosaur’ with flesh still attached to its bones



But I thought Dinosaurs were extinct?

An Indian electrician has apparently discovered the remains of a strange creature that resembles a Dinosaur.

Images of the mystery creature quickly spread on YouTube and Twitter, which eventually resulted in thousands of Internet users formulating thousands of hypotheses to explain how something like this is possible.

As things seem now, the electrician may have found the very first partially preserved dinosaur.

If you look closely at the YouTube video you will notice that the body, which not only has bones but also tissues, looks like a small dinosaur.

But dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago… right?

The alleged remains of a small, well-preserved dinosaur. Image Credit: Pen News.

“A dinosaur skeleton cannot be in such a good state of conservation after millions of years without fossilization. The only remotely possible way is that it has been chemically preserved for a museum. But if that is the case, how did it end up where it was found here?” wonders Aaryan Kumar, a Ph.D. student in Paleontology from Delhi University.

The alleged Dinosaur remains were found in Jaspur, a small town in Uttarakhand, India. The remains of the mystery creature were immediately sent to a lab for carbon dating in order to determine its age.

According to reports, the dinosaur was found by an electrician called Javad who was working in an old electric substation that had been closed for 35 years when he came across the remains of the dinosaurs.

While rummaging through the garbage, he discovered the strange corpse.

“I was stunned when I saw the skeleton. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I called some people to see if they knew what I had found, but everyone was equally surprised. We called the police,” he told media.

According to the authorities, the supposed dinosaur was 28 centimeters long. The creatures head was 9 centimeters long and its neck was 5 cm long.

“In 39 years of service I have seen many dead animals but I never found anything like this,” said forest guard Anil Chauhan.

If it is a real Dinosaur, then it most likely is a Theropod.

According to Aaryan Kumar, a paleontology student at Delhi University, the creature discovered in Jaspur resembles a theropod, a dinosaur suborder characterized by hollow bones and three-toed limbs.

“Non-avian dinosaurs have been extinct for the past 65 million years but it does resemble theropods, a suborder of dinosaurs which included bipedal carnivores,” explains Dr. Parag Madhukar Dhakate, a Conservator with the Indian Forest Service.


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