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Recent Study of COVID-19 Patient Recovery Provides Virus Immunity Response Insight




A 47-year-old woman contracted the coronavirus in Wuhan, China before showing symptoms upon her arrival in Melbourne, Australia. A recent study published in the science journal Nature Medicine could provide insights as to why certain people respond differently to the virus. This can lead to possible treatments for upcoming cases. 


According to Bloomberg, “Blood samples tested at four different time points showed the 47-year-old woman produced white blood cells that targeted virus-infected cells and spurred the production of antibodies that drove her recovery 10 days after developing a mild-to-moderate illness that required hospitalization.




While she was hospitalized, she did not receive any drug treatments. Instead, she was treated with intravenous fluids to keep her hydrated. Her immune response provides scientists with the opportunity to study why the coronavirus affects people differently which can be helpful in upcoming treatments. 


Healthcare professionals also benefit from this information by being more prepared to see which patients might develop more severe symptoms when admitted to the hospitals. Other insights could potentially launch new medical interventions to reduce the severity as well as understand how post-illness immunity works for COVID-19.




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