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Quarantined Italians Record Messages to Themselves of What They Wish They Knew 10 Days Ago



The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across the globe rather quickly. While some have capitalized on low airfare rates, others are taking social distancing quite seriously. It was just about a week ago where things were functioning as normally scheduled. In recent days, most functions have been canceled or rescheduled. With schools and jobs moving online, many are spending their days at home. Social media continues to be an area of solidarity where people spread reminders of love and bring together the community. In a recent post, quarantined Italians record messages to “themselves from 10 days ago.” They urge the world to slow down and listen.





According to the BBC, “There are a total of 35,713 confirmed cases in the country, with more than 4,000 having successfully recovered. Lombardy, the worst-hit region, recorded 319 deaths in one day.” Things are changing fast and it’s happening right before our eyes. While people in these videos reflect on not taking this so seriously, they send a positive reminder to viewers. A Thing By asked Italians from all over the country to send messages from themselves in the recent past.

much worse



Almost like a time-capsule in video format, the aim of these recordings is to spread an increase of consciousness and awareness to get ahead of the spread.  Italians urge the world to stay home, read, learn guitar, rest, and connect with what truly matters. They remind us of this time to spend it with our families and tend to our health.

stay home



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