What Could Possibly Be Behind The Unsolved Enigma Of The Bermuda Triangle?

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“The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle”

The Bermuda Triangle has caught the imagination of the world for decades, and the long list of mysterious disappearances stretches back centuries. What could possibly be behind the unsolved enigma of the Bermuda Triangle?

Although the U.S government insists that the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t exist in, 1964 the same year the term Bermuda Triangle was coined the U.S government began the construction of AUTEC,  an underwater american base within the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of the Bahamas. This base has further strengthened the suspicion that the area hosts mysterious properties. Since the 1960’s the U.S have used this base to conduct underwater tests , research and in-air tracking raising questions about what exactly they are monitoring down there.

Wether or not the Bermuda Triangle exists it symbolizes the reality that despite all we know of the world and despite all our advances in tracking devices our world is still large enough for our ships and our planes to disappear without a trace…


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