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Sanna Marin Appointed As Finland’s Youngest Prime Minister Aged 34



Late Sunday night, the Social Democratic Party of Finland voted for 34 year-old Sanna Marin as Prime Minister after the resignation of former PM Antti Rinne. Marin won against rival Antti Lindtman with a 32-29 vote and will be sworn in later this week.

The Social Democratic Party won the majority in Finland’s April election which gave them the right to appoint their own prime minister.

The former Prime Minister resigned on December 3 after a party within the coalition lost confidence in him for his handling of a postal strike.

According to the Guardian, Marin told reporters:

‘’We have a lot of work ahead to rebuild trust.

I have never thought about my age or gender, I think of the reasons I got into politics and those things for which we have won the trust of the electorate.’’

Finland’s four other parties in the coalition government also have female leaders: 32 year-old Li Anderson of the Left Alliance, 34 year-old Maria Ohisalo of the Green League, 32 year-old Katri Kulmuni of the Centre Party and 55 year-old Anna-Maja Henriksson of the Swedish People’s Party.

Marin rose to the top relatively quickly after her appointment as head of the city council of Tampere, her home town, at the age of 27.

Marin’s appointment comes during a three-day wave of strikes that will see the halt of production at many of the country’s biggest companies, starting from Sunday, December 9. Data from the Confederation of Finnish Industries estimate the strike will cost companies a combined €500 million ($553 million/£420 million) in lost revenue.

The centre-left coalition has agreed to continue with the same political program, which focuses on a shift toward carbon neutrality.

‘’We have a joint government program which glues the coalition together.,’’ Marin said.

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