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Eating dogs to be made illegal in Britain under ground breaking Brexit bill 



by Jade Small

Did you know that it’s actually perfectly legal to ‘humanely kill a dog that you own’ in the UK?

In 2018 it was proposed to change the current law, after US Congress banned the eating of cats and dogs.

The UK law change could serve as a massive example to far eastern countries, where it’s very normal to consume the meat of dogs and cats. Around 30 million dogs are slaughtered for meat each year in places like Thailand, Indonesia, China and Vietnam.

The MP for Clacton, Giles Watling, told The Sun:

“It is simply not right to eat companion animals.

“There are also some incredibly cruel practices related to the eating of dogs around the world, such as the belief that the animals taste better if they die when stressed.

“We want to lead by example alongside countries like the United States, Germany and Austria who have already implemented bans – not lag behind them, and I hope the Government will listen.”

Chair of the All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group, Dr Cameron, says she wants the ban to be passed as quickly as possible. Despite two welfare organisations stating they had no evidence, She claims the consumption of dog meat has been on the rise in the UK.

Humane Society International told Newsbeat it has “never come across any evidence to suggest that dog meat is being consumed in the UK,” while The World Dog Alliance stated that it did not know if anyone was doing so, but they would still like the practise to be made illegal regardless.

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