Paul Dienach: A man who fell into a comatose state, and woke up in the year 3,906

Most of us understand—from a scientific point of view—that traveling in time is impossible. At least not in the 21st century.

Traveling in time has been a long-debated subject for decades.

Time travel is a concept of moving forward or backward at different points of time, similar to how a displacement occurs in space.

Also, some interpretations of time travel suggest the possibility of journeys between realities or parallel universes. The possibilities are endless if of course, something like that was possible.

And while we have seen many movies and series about time travel, I bet few of our readers have come across a story that details the life of a man who allegedly traveled to the year 3,906 after falling into a comatose state.

The story is bizarre. It’s strange, but above all its hard to believe, yet it’s beautiful and compelling at the same time.

Paul Dienach remained an entire year in a comatose state, victim of a strange disease.

Upon awakening, he was convinced that his conscience had traveled to the body of a man in the year 3906.

Everything Dienach had lived through while in the future is written down in a book titled “Chronicles of the Future,” a type of manuscript that was produced from the journal Dienach had kept.

The entire time traveling stories can be traced back to the year 1921 when Paul was the victim of a major epidemic of lethargic encephalitis, which eventually threw him into a comatose state.

During that time, he remained hospitalized in Geneva.

Once Dienach had woken and recovered from his disease, he began writing a diary where he noted that despite the fact that he was in a coma, he was fully awake and experienced something incredible.

As explained in the diary—which eventually was turned into the above—mentioned Book—far from being a prisoner to his hospital bed, Dienach’s consciousness managed to ‘travel’ inside the body belonging to another man called Andre Northman, who lived on Earth in the year 3906.

Precisely then, in 3906, Andrew was victim to a series of accidents resulting in a near-death experience (NDE).

After Andrew wakes up, he begins speaking in an unknown language—believed to have been 20th-Century German). He doesn’t recognize his family, and he is perpetually awake, unable to fall asleep.

As noted in the diary belonging to Dienach, the people in the year 3906 recognized that a separate consciousness had infiltrated the body of Northman, and they decided to take advantage of the situation by heling Dienach find out as much as possible while living in the ‘future.’

Among the many things that Dienach learned while in the year 3906, the most important details are that a new species of human beings named Homo Occidantalis Novus appeared on Earth.

Upon recovering from his comatose state, and despite the fact that he was eager to tell everyone what he had gone through, Dienach decided to keep to himself everything that had happened, fearing that he would be called out a madman.

Eventually, in 1922, Dienach moved to Greece where he began teaching French and German in a local school.

Among Dienach’s students was a man called George Papahatzis, who described Dienach as being “a simple person who paid attention to details.”

After spending a few years in Greece, Dienach decided to move again. This time to Italy. But before leaving, Dienach gifted his diary to Papahatzis.

Papahatzis eventually translated the text from German to Greek, which ultimately became the book: Chronicles of the Future”.

Chronicles from the Future is available in Kindle or paperback format through Amazon.

Reference: Chronicles from the Future

The Amazing Story and Prophecies of Paul Dienach

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