A journalist captured horrendous footage of revellers fleeing the Bataclan theatre massacre which has left at least 82 people dead.

The video was released on YouTube and it captures some horrifying scenes of people making an escape from the Bataclan concert hall. Some people are injured whilst others seem to be laying on the ground motionless.

There is graphic content in this video:

The journalist who shot this footage Daniel Psenny was shot in the arm as he tried to help the wounded.

He said he was watching TV when he heard loud bangs which he assumed were firecrackers.

But when the noise persisted he went to his window which directly overlooks the emergency exit of the Bataclan theatre.

After the footage ends, Mr Psenny said he went out of his flat to offer victims refuge.

It was whilst helping an American man who had been shot in the leg when he believes he was shot in the arm.

Thumbnail credit : mirror.co.uk





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