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Laila Ajjawi is a Palestinian refugee and street artist who lives in a refugee camp in Irbid, Jordan. Especially in the middle east, it is rare for a woman to be a street artist, and she is looking to change that perspective for good.

“The media is trying to provoke an idea about girls, that girls cannot take control of her life. I’m going to become a part of the media that affects people,she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

Many of Laila’s pieces feature images of powerful and inspiring women.

“All these female symbols are new for the street. Usually street art is dominated by men in general,” she said, adding that she wanted to show that “girls can express themselves without the limits that society or community is trying to put them under.”

While refugees have just started to enter the international news in recent months as a result of the conflict in Syria, there have been various refugee populations in the middle east that have been growing for decades, especially near Palestine. In fact, many people in the middle east spend their whole lives as refugees, living between despotic dictators and borders that they can’t cross.

You can find her facebook page HERE.





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