Zaid Abu Ein has died after clashes with Israeli forces today in west bank protest.

The Palestinian minister is said to have died today after inhaling tear gas. However, one TV news reporter said he saw one of the Israeli soldiers hit Abu Ein, 55, in the chest, other witnesses reported to have seen him assaulted by soldiers and some said he was headbutted and after collapsed, so there are conflicting stories regarding his cause of death.

Activists explained they had been planting olive trees by the illegal settlement of Abdei Ad in the village of Turmusiya near Ramallah, when the soldiers attacked them, firing huge amounts of tear gas at the group. Palestinian president was quick to express his disgust of Abu Ein’s death, he called it a “barbaric act which could not be tolerated.”

The Palestinian ministers body will undergo autopsy either on Wednesday or Thursday to confirm his cause of death.

The minister spoke shortly before he died, telling reporters the reason he was as the protest… “This is the army of the occupation and they are stopping Palestinians from acting on their rights. We came to our Palestinian land to plant trees and olive trees. They attacked us immediately without anyone throwing a stone or attacking them. This is a terrorist occupying army that stops Palestinians from enacting on their rights,” He said.

Abu Ein was a father of four and he will be missed by many. Ramallah and El Bireh governorate have announced there will be a 3 day mourning period over his death.

Here’s a short video about the events that occurred.



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