George Galloway is Member of Parliament for Bradford West in the U.K, Is  pro-Palestine, anti-war and pro-equality, he is a controversial figure and whatever you make of him you cannot argue that he’s exceptionally good at winning debates whenever he is confronted.

0:00 Galloway vs BBC/Paxman.
3:20 Galloway vs ITV/ITN.
8:25 Galloway vs Murdoch/Sky News.
17:50 Galloway vs Andrew Neil / BBC (daily politics show)
20:10 Galloway vs Paxman, BBC newsnight
24:00 Galloway vs Channel Four
28:50 Galloway vs Sky (kinda, the interviewer doesn’t seem too bad tbh, but George makes some good points anyway)
30:00 Galloway vs America and the US senate.




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