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One Of America’s Dirtiest Secrets




One of America’s dirtiest secrets is that farms practically don’t exist anymore. The animals we eat are grown in giant hidden factories. This video will open your eyes to the gross reality that is America’s ‘farms’.

In this video filmed in secret using drones, you’ll see lakes the size of four football fields, filled with toxic pigs urine and feces. There are thousands of pigs in the buildings next to these lakes in conditions unfit for any creature, their waste falls through the floor and flushed straight into these giant open air cesspools. That’s not even the worst part. Just one of these factories can easily produce as much waste as a city and therefor, the pools need emptying… How exactly? By spraying the waste over the neighboring communities. They use devices similar to what you use to water your grass but much larger, in order to form a mist of liquid waste. And to make matters worse there are over 2000 like this in North Carolina alone…



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