How much money given to charity actually reaches the intended recipients?

With Ban Ki-Moon finding time to sing Imagine with celebrities in aid of Unicef, we ask whether charities are actually working. The UK has over 160,000 registered charities, including 2,000 veteran charities, 1,120 disability charities, & 20 dedicated to saving the hedgehog. This huge amount of doubling up means the billions given each year are spread out to many different charities, each of which has its own staff, administration costs and expenses, meaning less goes to those the public intends to help. A new book, The Great Charity Scandal, alleges that only £6.35 of every £10 given to Oxfam, and £2.57 of every £10 given to the RSPB, end up in the hands of the intended, a claim both deny, but have not got back to us with actual figures. Save the Children allegedly pays its top employee £230,000, & the 6 biggest anti-poverty charities have 142 staff on £60,000 a year and 17 earning over £100,000. With Christmas on the horizon, be careful that those in need will be the ones receiving your charitable donations.

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