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Does having more money make you a mean person?




Rich in life, poor in moral fibre

Inequality surrounds us, we see it everyday in a variety of ways be it a homeless person begging on the street or a wealthy persons shameless disregard toward the value of money. Our own aspirations may well hinder other people’s yet we carry on as it is now common practice to place your own interests before others. You may think that “this isn’t me” but taking a second to reflect on the moral implications of your actions could do a world of good
Paul Piff demonstrates this expertly in the video below.

Cheating at games, taking more, giving less, breaking the law and a whole raft of other seemingly small day to day instances can very well add up to paint a rather horrendous picture of the worlds wealthy individuals. Is this a natural reaction to gathering wealth?
Inequality affects us all whether we know it or not and I don’t pretend to know how it could be remedied but I believe that just purely taking a moment to empathise with others everyday is a move in the right direction. At the very least this will make you a better person, that I know for certain
Help your fellow man, extend your hand to others instead of shunning. Show others that cooperation and community spirit is alive and well as it is the way we as humans will progress through our tumultuous lives.

Niall Fraser – Team EiC


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