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What Would Martin Luther King Do Today If He Were Alive? It’s Our Turn To Dream…



When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave the “I Have a Dream” 50 years ago, he had no idea Jim Crow would be replaced with another oppressive system: mass incarceration and the drug war. It’s our turn to dream. Nixon started the drug war just 8 years after King’s “I have a Dream” speech. Both Reagan and Clinton continued it. In 2013 a study found that more black men were incarcerated then were enslaved in the 1850. It’s our turn to dream how to end mass incarceration. If you have a felony on your record, it’s harder to get a job and you also cannot get many forms of public assistance. In Dothan, Alabama, T.O.P.S. is offering support for people just getting out of jail-everything from clothes to GED. This is one way to end mass incarceration. It is important to see the links between civil rights, voting rights, and the drug war.

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