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Lost Tapes Reveal Apollo Astronauts Heard Unexplained ‘Music’ On Far Side Of The Moon



Recently declassified transcripts and tape recordings from NASA’s Apollo 10 lunar mission have revealed that the astronauts aboard the spacecraft heard music-like radio transmissions as they made their pass behind the moon. The experience is said to have perplexed the crew so much that they questioned whether or not they should report it back to NASA for fear of jeopardizing their suitability for space flight.

It was May of 1969 when the Apollo 10 crew took launch and made their way toward their lunar orbit. After about 3 days of flight, they entered the moon’s orbit and began testing the components and procedures for a lunar landing; a sort of “dress rehearsal” for the first lunar landing to be made by Apollo 11. As the Apollo 10 spacecraft began to make its way toward the far side of the moon, communications with Earth were lost entirely. Once out of Earth’s line of sight, it takes about an hour before communications are reestablished. At some point during the hour of (what should have been) silence, the crew began receiving unusual sounding transmissions in their headsets:

“It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music.”

“You hear that? That whistling sound? Whooooooooo!”

“It’s unbelievable! You know?”

“Shall we tell them about it?”

“I don’t know. We ought to think about it.”

“The Apollo 10 crew was very used to the kind of noise that they should be hearing. Logic tells me that if there was something recorded on there, then there was something there,” Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden said on the Science Channel program. “NASA would withhold information from the public if they thought it was in the public’s best interest.”


There are those that have their doubts of the transmission being of extraterrestrial origin, however. Eugene A. Cernan, one of Apollo 10’s crew members, made a statement in response to this information resurgence:

“I don’t remember that incident exciting me enough to take it seriously. It was probably just radio interference. Had we thought it was something other than that we would have briefed everyone after the flight. We never gave it another thought,” he said.

A NASA technician made a statement in support of Cernan’s claim that the “radios in the two spacecraft were interfering with each other.”

What is peculiar, though, is that the Apollo 8 crew completed the same orbit around the moon, but yet records indicate no mention of any unusual frequencies, but perhaps the equipment used during the Apollo 8 mission didn’t provide the proper conditions for the mystery signal to occur (or be detected). A member of the Apollo 11 crew, Michael Collins, did report hearing unusual noises in his headset as he orbited behind the moon on his own, but the noises were said to have stopped once the landing team touched down on the moon’s surface. Some consider this to be evidence of the technician’s assessment being correct, but other’s remain unconvinced.

“If you’re behind the moon and hear some weird noise on your radio, and you know you’re blocked from the Earth, then what could you possibly think?” Worden said.

“We’d had a lot of incidents where guys who flew in space saw and heard things that they didn’t recognize, and you wonder about all of that. I have a very open mind about what could’ve happened. It’s somebody’s hearsay evidence — it’s only a visual or audio event, which is hard to pin down. Recollection is one thing, but actual proof is something entirely different.”

Outer Space Music Pt 1 of 2 | NASA’s Unexplained Files

Outer Space Music Pt 2 of 2 | NASA’s Unexplained Files

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