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Learn How To Re-Connect With Nature And Create The Greenhouse Of Your Dreams



What if nature could provide all of the abundance and well-being necessary to never have to leave your property… What would you think? What if you never had to worry about disease caused by de-natured food, economic crisis or even the rising price of energy.. what would you do?

Well at EIC we are very excited to share with you a solution to all these problems.

Thanks to the incredible work of Curt Close, Anaconda Productions and SolutionEra – in collaboration with theValhalla Movement -we are happy to announce The Greenhouse Of The Future: Abundance And Energy Autonomy. The DVD, EBook and Plan Package which are all available for purchase now HERE.

By building this greenhouse with your family our your community, you will contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world, reconnect with nature, save money and produce your own local organic food all year-round.


I believe we all need to get active and change the way we grow our food. This is the perfect way for everyone to be able to do so. Just click on the image below to find out more:



The DVD & E-book ” The greenhouse of the future” outline the design and step by step building of a radically sustainable passive solar greenhouse built from up-cycled materials ( Tires – Wood – Glass bottles …) and operating using fully renewable natural energies.


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