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Why Knowing Nothing Might Be Better Than Knowing Just a Little



I’ve come to learn that a human who knows a little can be more dangerous to humanity than a human who knows nothing (in general or regarding a specific subject). When we don’t know anything about something, for the most part we at least keep quiet and try to learn about that certain thing before we speak. In contrast, a lot of people when they learn a little about something, they start speaking loudest, think they know it all and they act very confident about their limited knowledge. One of our biggest faults is that we prematurely get to a point where we think we learned all there is to know and we shut our mind off to further knowledge, to opposing facts and views, to the whole truth.

Let me give you a few examples. Currently, the big bang theory is the commonly accepted theory in the scientific community as to how the universe was created. Our current physics and science can model the actions that took place a split second after the big bang, which supposedly started the space-time continuum, but our current science cannot explain what actually happened at time 0, how that point of singularity (which later exploded and created the rest of the universe) came to exist in the first place. Now more and more renowned scientists are saying that actually, it’s more likely than not, that our whole universe is actually a simulation, and it is not real. World renowned astrophysicists with Nobel Prizes in physics cannot absolutely prove how the universe came to be created, they only theorize and later their new theories start contradicting their old theories, but they are at least always striving to learn more and find the ultimate truth. Then, on the other hand, you have a lot of people who took an entry level physics class in high school or college, and they all of the sudden feel like all knowing scientists and start making absolute statements like “oh I know there is no God, atheists are smart, religious people or people who believe in God are stupid”.

Worse yet, there are a lot of people who never even took a physics class their entire life, but they heard from another person or few other people who took a physics class or who read a scientific article on Wikipedia tell them that science says there is no God, and they start believing it without questioning anything. By the same token, you have religious people who were born in a religious family, who never question whether or not there is a God or why and how, but they just blindly follow that religion because their parents told them they are a Christian, or a Muslim or a Jew.

We also hear scientists tell us all the time, “oh that planet or this planet could not sustain life form..” WHY? “Oh, because it does not have water”. Who said life form can only exist with hydrogen and oxygen?? Maybe OUR type of life form, but this universe is so vast, for all we know, there are so many other types of life form that do NOT require hydrogen and oxygen.

Then we have people for example, who from a younger age saw that a politician helped pass environmental reform, and that young person was environmentally oriented because his dad would always take him out to nature and hikes, so he asked, hey who is that politician who passed that reform? “He’s a Democrat”. Oh, ok, that means that from now on, I’m a Democrat, I’ll make Republicans my enemies. Or, we may have a person who from a younger age was a hunter as she always used to go hunting with her dad, and she saw that some politician worked hard to protect gun rights, and she asked, who is that politician? “He is a Republican”. Oh, ok, that means from now on I’m a Republican and I’ll make Democrats my enemies. Unfortunately, most of us, we make up our minds based on something that may be important to us, pledge allegiance to the party that offers us that, and don’t stop to think and realize that maybe there is more to life, maybe there are more important issues than just environmental protections or gun protections, maybe, just maybe, both of the parties offer some “good” and both of them offer some “bad”, or that what’s good for us, may be bad for others, and that doesn’t necessarily make us or them evil, but rather, we’ve just had different life experiences.

Now most people are followers instead of leaders (that’s just human nature), so what we end up with, in most aspects of our life, from science, to politics, to religion, etc, are two camps or opposing camps. Those few loud ones which lead the masses that they’ve persuaded on one side, and those few loud ones which lead the masses on the opposite spectrum or another side. Those very few that keep learning after they gain some knowledge and keep looking for the whole truth, not just a partial truth, those brilliant minds, as luck would have it, not always, but for the most part are followers rather than leaders, so they compromise, sell themselves short, and pick a side that they favor, get employed by one side of the loud ones, and become their puppets or at least their subordinates. (Ever wonder why a lot of times, your boss is not necessarily the smartest one in the bunch?)

We have to become enlightened, stop just accepting single “true” facts that favor our side or personal bias and call it good, but rather let’s start looking for the entire truth. Then and only then maybe we will reach a point where we can start understanding more clearly our universe, our world, our country, and our other fellow human beings.

By Robert Radulescu (founder of The Unified Party)

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